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Hungry Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts – Celebrity Chef and comic book aficionado Anthony Bourdain serves up another helping of food inspired storytelling. This time, he pairs his gastronomic art with history, and adds a drizzle of horror.
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On the menu is the game of Kaiden, a Samurai entertainment which was played in the Edo period between the years of 1603 until 1868. Also known as “100 candles”, the game encourages the participants to share a creepy story with the group. Upon the tale’s completion, the storyteller would extinguish a flame and then look in a mirror to be sure that they had not been possessed by one of the monsters they had been speaking about. As the game progresses, and the room grows darker, so do the stories blacken.

Over four issues we’ll be treated to an anthology of different artists sharing supernatural tales from Japanese history. At the end, when the last candle is about to be snuffed out, will we be brave enough to face a mirror in the darkness? Here’s hoping there’s dessert. #anthonybourdain #hungry ghosts #bergerbooks #darkhorse

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