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Hex Wives

Just in time for Halloween, a comic review about witches!!
Hex Wives by Ben Blacker and Mirka Andolfo

Nadia and Isadora are witches, and they’ve been living and fighting and dying and reincarnating over and over for centuries. Along the way, the “architects” have been trying to thwart them- and failing. Heading the architects has been the Gabriel family. They want their revenge and they want to rid the world of witches. They say they have a “nuclear bomb” to get rid of these gals, and it looks like they’ve set the world on fire to accomplish their goals. The ladies appear to be toeing the line in Stepford Wives style, but something is amiss… maybe everything is not as it seems?? But we’ll have to wait until issue 2 to see where the chips land. #vertigo #witches #hexwives