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American Carnage

american carnage

American Carnage by Bryan Hill and Leandro Fernandez
Vertigo is cutting close to the bone here with their latest crime drama. What do you do if you’re an FBI agent whose partner was not only killed, but lynched while investigating a right wing group tied to a high-level government official? Well, Sheeba Curry turns to an ex-FBI black sheep (well, technically only half-black) to help her out, cuz no one else wants to do anything about it. Rich King takes on the job for $700 a day. Now all he has to do is infiltrate these pseudo-nazis so they can take them down from the inside…
Easier said than done. Intriguing ties to current events should keep you happily reading along, despite the obtrusive lettering by Pat Brosseau. Learn to make an ‘a’, buddy!! #americancarnage #vertigo #bryanhill