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Bitter Root

bitter root

Bitter Root by David F Walker, Chuck Brown, and Sanford Greene.
It’s 1924 in Harlem, and monsters are afoot. Not just the monstrosity of racism, but giant muscle-bound creeps called Jinoo. The Jinoo consume the bodies of humans in order to exert their evil in the world, and people are helpless vehicles along for the ride… unless the Sangereye Family help them escape their destiny. For generations, the Sangereyes have been concocting a vaccination for those afflicted by these monsters. Family members all have a role to play- some are fighters, some grind the bitter roots and other ingredients that make the cure. There are gender politics at play here, and the pressures familial duty. Everyone must pull their weight- the fate of humanity is at stake.
The colour palette is visceral; moody purple tones create a contrast to the electric green serum that makes it pop off the page. The reader is sucked in to the story right away, but there is much going on in the shadows of the context that is as relevant today as it was 90 years ago. There is much in this comic yet to be revealed. #imagecomics #bitterroot #walkerbrowngreene