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Middlewest by Skottie Young and Jorge Corona
You’re having a bad day. Your hardass Dad wakes you by whisking a clock at your head (missing, but smashing your photo of your absent Mom) because you’re 4 hours late for your paper route. Your first few deliveries hassle you, and after the wind blows away the rest of your stock, you figure, sure. I’ll ditch the rest of the route, defy my grounding and hang with my friends. But that plan hits a land mine when you get busted for shoplifting. Sigh.
Your pop kicks you out of the house, says some nasty Shizz about your Ma: you’re the reason she left!
And that’s the best part of your day. Things only get worse from there…
This new kid-on-a-quest by Skottie Young is intriguing. Where will young Abel and his talking fox (yeah, his buddy is cat software running on dog hardware) end up?? Stay tuned for issue 2! #imagecomics skottieyoung #middlewest