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Nnewts by Doug TenNapel
I love the work of Doug TenNapel. Cardboard, Ghostopolis, and Bad Island are brilliant. The best thing about his books is that they are truly all-ages; there is action, adventure, and snappy dialogue. The language is never pandering, and there is a universal appeal so your age or gender doesn’t matter. I thought I’d read all his books, But somehow, I missed his on-going series, Nnewts.
Well today, that changed! And I’m breathless! So much adventure! Book One follows the exploits of a Nnewt family, just before their village is invaded by their dreaded enemies, the reptile lizzarks. Herk, the young son, is forced to flee his home and in escaping, sets himself on an incredible journey that will change his life, and maybe the lives of all nnewts, forever.
Amazing!! I can’t wait to devour books 2 and 3! #allages #dougtennapel