What’s Happening?

We have a tonne of Events at Amazing this July:

Wed July 10: Learn to Paint Orcs 6pm – 8pm (cost $10, Must register)

Wed July 10: Punch Creative Club Screens OUT 4 BLOOD 6:30pm (Free)

Thurs July 11: Magic (Standard) 7pm

Thurs July 11: DBZ Miraculous Tournament

Friday July 12: Board Games: Small World, Viral 7pm (Free)

Friday July 12: Magic (Modern) 7pm

Sat July 13: Magic Drafternoon 2pm

Sat July 13: D&D Crawl with Owen 1pm – 4pm (Free, but must Register)

Sun July 14: Magic Drafternoon 2pm

Wed July 17 Learn to Paint for Kids 1pm – 4pm ($10, must Register)

Thurs July 18: Magic (Standard) 7pm

Friday July 19: Board Games New Frontiers, Flashpoint 7pm (Free)

Friday July 19: Magic (Modern) 7pm

Sat July 20: Swap Meet 11am – 3pm (Free, but must register)

Sat July 20: D&D Crawl with Jon 1pm-4pm (Free, but must Register)

Sat July 20: Magic Drafternoon 2pm

Sun July 21 Magic Legacy (No Proxies) 12pm

Wed July 24 Learn to Paint Trolls 6pm – 8pm ($10, must Register)

Thurs July 25 Magic Standard 7pm

Friday July 26 Board Games Takenoko, Roll Player 7pm

Friday July 26 Magic Modern 7pm

Sat July 27 Magic Drafternoon 2pm

Sun July 28 Ticket to Ride Tournament 1pm

Wed July 31 Drop-In Paint Nite 6pm – 8pm (free)