Absolute Carnage


Absolute Carnage Number One!
If you’re a Spider-man or Venom fan, you’re gonna want to pick this up.
So, here’s the skinny.
Before there was anything else in the universe, there was the god Knull. He liked an empty world. He created symbiotes to destroy anything that threatened his nothingness. But, surprise! the symbiotes eventually turned against him – using their bodies to form a prison around him.
But now, a nasty cult wants to free Knull. And Carnage is gonna be the one to do it.
You see, anytime a symbiote bonds with someone, they leave a trace behind. They call that bit the “codex”. Carnage is “collecting” those trace elements to make himself more powerful, in order to reconnect to the hive and hopefully wake up Knull. Amongst others, Peter Parker and Eddie Brock are on his shopping list.
In this first issue, there is a lot of action. Lots of fighting. Lots of risk. Some kid-in-peril tropes. But the action is well articulated. Ryan Stegman’s artwork is pretty good, and if Donny Cates can keep up the pace, this series is promising.