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Hex Wives

Just in time for Halloween, a comic review about witches!! Hex Wives by Ben Blacker and Mirka Andolfo Nadia and Isadora are witches, and they’ve been living and fighting and dying and reincarnating over and over for centuries. Along the … Continue reading

Hungry Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts – Celebrity Chef and comic book aficionado Anthony Bourdain serves up another helping of food inspired storytelling. This time, he pairs his gastronomic art with history, and adds a drizzle of horror. On the menu is the game … Continue reading

Crosswind by Gail Simone

Crosswind #1 by Gail Simone and Cat Staggs A hit man and a housewife play Freaky Friday! Doubly narrated by the two switcherees, the story sets up where they are in their lives… Both are stuck with others calling the … Continue reading


Destroyer by Victor LaValle “Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world”. 225 years after he disappeared, Frankenstein’s monster resurfaces to take out a … Continue reading