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Destroyer by Victor LaValle
“Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world”.
225 years after he disappeared, Frankenstein’s monster resurfaces to take out a whaling ship. After his first contact with humans in centuries, he discovers that his maker, Victor, has a descendent. For Dr Baker, her heritage is alive in her work- she’s doing a little lab work of her own and this creature may have a secret to reveal that will push her research and attempt to heal her own broken heart into a new realm. A good start for a reimagining of a classic horror story. #boom! #victorlavalle #destroyer #jodyslunchtimereviews

World Reader


World Reader by Jeff Loveness and Juan Doe.
Sarah is “a psychic astronaut who talks to space ghosts”. She’s part of a discovery team exploring dead planets where the inhabitants have vanished. She has the unique ability to connect with the souls of the extinct to find out about their histories. This time when she reaches out, she gets more than she bargained for. This is an exciting start to a new scifi series from Aftershock.


Eleanor & the Egret

Review! Eleanor and the Egret #1

Writer John Layman just concluded his epic run on the series Chew, and now he’s biting into something new. The story surrounds an art heist, with the most unexpected culprits. A very pleasant surprise! Perfect for all ages, this is a great crime caper tha features good storytelling and lovely art.

Space Riders – Galaxy of Brutality

Space Riders Galaxy of Brutality
Okay, so this may not be the most universal of analogies, but have you ever been baking and really overdid it? Like, you made some sugar cookies and then seriously pimped out all the icing colours and sprinkles and stuff, but the cookies weren’t cool enough? Your impatience resulted in an oozing blurry mess that looks like rainbow vomit. But underneath, the cookie was still sweet and edible. That’s this comic. The art by Alexis Ziritt is a bit overwhelming, but somehow it perfectly matches the story by Fabian Rangel Jr. It’s messy and chaotic but reveals a space world that is full of drama and action. Looks like there’s another issue on the horizon, and it could be a fun romp! Or, you could end up sugar-crashing with a bellyache. Only time will tell!

space riders