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XOManowar #1 Available NOW!

Underwinter by Ray Fawkes

Underwinter by Ray Fawkes

There’s a dreamy state that lies just under the surface, where you call into question what’s real. For a quartet of musicians that line is about to get blurrier. Hired to perform blind-folded a la Eyes Wide Shut, their audience could be anyone. Or anything. Ray Fawkes’ watercolours are the perfect foil to this tale of obfuscation. Beautifully veiled, this read should be a delight to watch it unfold and reveal itself.


Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #1

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie.
Dynamite’s updated telling is, well, dynamite!! The story opens with Frank and Joe being interrogated over their father’s death. Now these boys are a little grittier than the Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson versions from the 70s TV show.
Writer Anthony Del Col has set them up in a bad situation… before his death their Daddy was maligned as a crooked cop, made into a small town pariah. The boys took the heat too for their Pop’s infamy, tearing the bond between them apart as they doubted their father’s reputation. Only after a “little birdy” steps out of a giant clock do the boys start to clue in that Dad’s “suicide” was staged and it’s up to them to set the record straight. We get a glimpse of “birdy” Nancy Drew, and it’s no wonder the boys are scrapping! This dame is savvier than Pamela Sue Martin in her Dynasty days. Can’t wait to see what this trio cook up in the next issue! A great start!


New Comics Jan Feb 2017

Want to try something new? Here are a bunch of comics that just launched this year!

John Carter
So, John Carter confesses to his wife Dejah that their son didn’t really die. And she’s all “say what!”, and he’s all “yeah, our little dude was a cold blooded murderer so I sent him away and buried his victim in his place”. Dejah’s pee-ohed at her old man- especially when they find out that junior is back on Mars kicking butts and taking names, and not in a good way, dig? So now Mommy and Daddy gotta haul tail through the war zone their offspring has created to do some overdue parenting. Brand new John Carter #1 written by Brian Wood and Alex Cox.

Death Be Damned
Death Be Damned #1 chronicles what starts off as a typical western… Bad guys murder a man and child, so the missus loads up and rides into town for vengeance. Unfortunately, her bloodlust is stopped dead in her tracks when she’s shot down by the same murderer. Fortunately though, the local undertaker has been experimenting with Zuni rituals to locate the soul of his dear departed wife. None of his previous attempts have worked until now… This 4 issue series from Boom is sure to please.

Planetoid Praxis
Ken Garing’s follow up to his 2013 series Planetoid finally hits the shelf. It tells the story of an isolated planetoid trying to keep their society ticking along. When an enemy peaceably appears undetected, they wig out! Do you kill him out of spite, to build morale, even though it’ll make you feel guilty to look your kids in the eye?? Also, there’s kids’ soccer. #deadlysoccermom

Darth Maul
So, there’s this young Sith, yeah? And he’s all frustrated because his boss is uptight and won’t let him flex out his mad skills. He manages his impatience with dangerous hunting expeditions, spying on Jedis, and running errands that serve the interests and pocketbook of Sidious. Jeez, Sidious, let this young buck cut loose already!!!!

Daisy Blackwood
We have the newest adventures of Daisy Blackwood by Ryan Howe in stock! Daisy gets in trouble when her plane gets hijacked while doing a favour. No good dead goes unpunished! It’s got an old school vibe with amazing illustrations, and even better, it’s local.