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Librarians: Do You Need Graphic Novels for Your Library?

Amazing stories would be happy to help you put together an extensive and age appropriate graphic novel section for your school library or public library.

About Amazing Stories:

Amazing Stories has the largest collection of graphic novels and manga in Saskatchewan and age appropriate graphic novel section for your school library or public library. Our knowledge and diversity of selection have helped us build a large customer base and great reputation.

What Kind of Graphic Novels We Carry: 

We currently have over 10,000 graphic novels and 4,000 manga.  We have everything from mainstream superhero publishers Marvel and DC to licensed franchises such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Buffy.  Because of the space we have dedicated to graphic novels, we carry a wide variety of small publishers, web comics and comic strip reprints that most other stores do not. We have a large all-ages section that works well for any youth or children section.  We have been carrying manga for more than a decade and can help you fill any age or genre requests.

Age Appropriate Material:

Our staff reads what they sell.  When we recommend books, we have read them.  We know what is appropriate for any age level and will gladly help you target an audience.

Keeping Track of Your Orders:

Amazing Stories can keep an updated list of any of your purchases made at our store.  You will instantly know which graphic novels or manga you have purchased.  Never buy doubles again! You can tell us which titles you want to order and we can pull the newest issues based on your previous orders.  We can help!

Final Thoughts:

Graphic novels are an increasingly important part of every library.  Young readers are turning to graphic novels in large numbers because comics are fun and engaging.  We would like to use our experience and love of comics to help you build an extensive collection to provide your patrons with the type of material they will enjoy. We would be proud to partner with you and your readers, and can even be available to come to your school or club meeting. If you are interested, email Jody at